You can contact me at

I’d love to hear some feedback on my writing, I’ve been blogging for a while now and its my #1 passion, I always feel the best when I can be alone with my thoughts and write, but I write on a blog so I can get some feedback on my writing!

So feel free to critique away or comment of what you want me to write about next.

I have plenty of experience in tree service but also as a carpenter as well.

I’m experienced in many trade and blogging will be my next skill to master so stay tuned!

I also have Skype as well if you want to chat on there as well, just send me a email and we can start the conversation there and trade skype accounts if you want. I’m always down for a quick chat on whatever, if I can manage the time for it.

Whether its about tree service or how you can become the best tree climber, I’m giving away free tips for now and one day I hope to run my own classes as well.