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Super fertilizer: How to grow a great tree


I have this big beautiful tree in my back yard. One of those that just seem to go on forever. It provides great shade in the summer have the best limps for climbing, and a great place to hide if you are in the mood for hide and go seek. Last week I had some construction done to my house. We had an addition added to the house, another bathroom. I notice some of the equipment placed over by the tree. At times even the workers parked their truck under it. After they wrapped up the job and left my home, I noticed some damage to my tree’s roots. Just around the base. It struck me that that may not be a great thing for a tree to experience. I mean, those roots are there for the tree to eat and drink, if their messed up how is it going to feed? Immediately I called a tree service company in our community and they said they would send out their arborist to check it out.


The arborist told me it was great that I called when I did and did not hesitate to get help. He informed that had I left the tree as it is, with all its root damage, it would have eventually fallen over onto my house. That nice addition we just added could have been destroyed. He went to say that many people do not realize the harm caused to a tree when its roots system have been harm, removed, and damage. By calling in a professional, as soon as I did he will be able to save my tree and make it stronger than ever. The tree service people have a fertilization system engineered to pump up a tree to its optimum vitality.

Root Fertilization

He strongly recommend their deep root fertilization package. The tree service will send someone out two to three times a year to inject the roots of my tree. Then promptly injected with a nutrient dense solution under pressure. The solution contains organic mineral that will promote healthy growth compounds, aids in photosynthesis, make the color pigment in the leaves richer, and allow for water to better drain into the ground. It will even make the tree stronger so it can easily survive these harsh northern Michigan winters and dry summer months. Among many other benefits that are too plentiful to list. It is like steroids for your tree. Of course, I agree to the fertilization shots for this tree and my other trees in my yard.

The tree people injected each of my tree surrounding roots. Which is the canopy line. Each shot was about two to three feet apart. I have to say I have notice a great improvement in the overall look of my trees. It is as if their browns in the bark and stuff are browner. Their greens greener. They look better than I have ever seen them look in my life. Even the big tree in the back yard looks a thousand times better.