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Difficult days in Oklahoma City


Let me tell you just how much I had to work yesterday to give you a perspective of what its like to be in the day and in the life of guys that cut down trees for a living. Its definitely not easy work and there is a lot of grinding that’s involved with it. Not as smooth sailing as tree doctor work.

Now I don’t know if you notice but trees can get quite massive and to pick up each log sometimes you have to cut the pieces into smaller pieces but each piece can be 50 lbs or more so every time its like doing squats.

Not to mention the straight activity of climbing the trees themselves require lots of manual labor and physical energy. Its one thing to go to the gym and do all the controlled movements that’s required but its another thing all together in the real world when you work for a tree care company and you have to lift in all kinds of different, awkward movements.

Training with Tree Care

I think the UFC fighters should train by working for a tree service company for a week, and then you will get sore in places where you never knew was possible. Places that get sore that you thought was an area in the body with no muscle.

That is the type of muscle soreness you can experience with tree service company no matter, how much you work and train, nothing can prepare the human body for loading several tons worth of tree trunks onto a big semi truck.

My frequency of going to the gym lessened for sure when I started working for tree service because I felt I was getting just as good if not better work out with the job then I was at the gym so its very natural for me to then go skip few gym days because I had 14 hour day at work yesterday cutting down massive pine trees at an impressive rate, we took down 4 big trees in 4 hours.

Let it be known that tree service is a hard job that will give you a full work out. Maybe at first it may haunt you with night mares because your body is not use to the kind of stress and labor that is required from lifting up huge weight of various tree trunks.

But make no mistake about it you will face some crazy huge weight and your body will be forced to cope with it our crumble under the stress, you decide. I mean if you wanna see what hard work is like, come apply: click here

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How to grow the Tree Removal business


There is one thing that people should know about the tree service industry and that it is a very skilled profession that not too many people can do. I came  a long way till now.

We are talking about cutting down massive trees as seen in the video above.

And massive trees believe it or not are massively heavy, and they can fall down on houses or worse yet a person so there is always an element of extreme danger in this business and one has to be extremely cautious.

When we are talking about tree service and the business we’re in, its almost like a fireman that’s risking their lives. Did you know tree service ranks as one of the most dangerous in the world?

Its even more dangerous than fireman and police, it ranks number 2 right next to crab fishing.

And people wouldn’t necessarily think that but it is true.

Tree service is what we love however, because we love providing a great service that home owners can’t handle and we love providing that service that they desperately need. At the end of the day if we can make home owner’s lives better we can get paid.

and we grind this out everyday because we love this and we will continue to get it.

We believe in the tree service because we know nothing else, this is the best business to be in when you are proud of what you do, and get things done, it is that love for what we do that drives us from morning to night time, and we won’t stop

The more we do tree care the more we learn, the knowledge goes deep and there is many things we can explore from the summer to winter time we come and get it.

And things are on the up and up for us, our revenue is increasing every month, and we are looking good. We want to continue to grow and expand this business just like all my other business I’ve done in the past from plumbing to deck building I’ve done it all and been a business owner for a while.

It is always a pleasure to find the greats in this field and I’ve met a few and learned from each and every single one of them. That feeling you get when you are talking to a master and he believes in you and you get that greatness out of them is great.

at the national tree industry convention last year I met a guy named rick and rick has been in the industry for over 45 years and he told me so much about not just tree service but how to properly expand and grow a business.

The things I learned from him has inspired me to continue growing this business to a level of greatness that I see and feel today.

You will see one day that I will have one of the largest business in my state.

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Take that chance: How to pay attention and learn a new lesson daily


I was walking my dog the other day and I saw this old elm tree being cut down. By some tree service and lawn Care Company and it got me to thinking. Am I cutting down my own potential by not going after my dreams? What would happen if I just stop working at my job and start my own tree service company? Could I make it? What happens when I fail?

I can’t let these negative thoughts over take me. As I stand here watching this tree being cut down and turn into mulch I decided then and there I am no longer waiting for my time to shine. Because the time is now. I don’t want to be cut down. Not by myself or anyone else. I refused to be chopped into mulch and spread around benefitting others while I slowly decay and decompose. This is why I am so big on running your own business.

The next day I went to work and gave my two weeks’ notice. Everyone thought I was crazy. That I must being going through some type of pre mid-life crisis. Or maybe it was a joke or some type of phrase. No one truly believed that I would go through with my resignation. But as I went over my savings to see how long I can go without working before I absolutely must get a job. I figured I should be ok for a year maybe a year and a half if I’m careful about my spending.

After hours of editing and revising my business plan I realize that I am ready. I called a couple of buddies of mind that were out of jobs and asked if they wanted to be part of my crew. Thankfully I already have a lot of the equipment needed. Chainsaws, a few saddles, but I will need to get at least two axes, an extra saddle, and new pruning shears.

Getting Your Name Out There

I went to my local print shop and had some flippers, business cards, and signs made advertising my new lawn care and tree removal business. I also contacted the International Society of Arboriculture. I must get certified as an arborist. After about a week of calling leads, passing out flyers, hanging up the signs, I finally got a hit. The local elementary school is looking a new company to employ to take care of their grounds since the last company recently went bankrupt. Hopefully after I do this it will lead to others contracts.

Before I spent my days in an office. Doing something that paid my bills but it was not what I wanted to do. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of job. In fact many of you reading this probably work in just that type of job. With responsibilities, needs, and wants, a job like that is necessary to survive. I am grateful for the salary I was making but there is only so much time that can pass where a person is denying their true calling before he snaps. Mine time came while walking my dog.

Now I enjoy my new adventure. I spend my days outside in the sun, in nature. Although the work is hard I love every minute of it. Felling trees, lopping, bracing, prunings, everything about tree trimming, I love it! But I often wonder what would have happen if I hadn’t seen that tree being removed. Would I still be working for someone else? I was on the fast track to partnership. I probably would have been made partner by now. Yup, well paid and miserable. I am so grateful I saw that tree service company. I think I will send them a card or a basket of fruit or something.

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Create our future business men and women

My passion is to talk about business and becoming an entrepreneur. I have walked the path of being an employee to owning my own business and the life transformation has been incredible. And to share my thoughts on this transition and learning about other local businesses is the purpose of this blog.

I always take inspiration from top thinkers like Elon Musk.

I think everyone should teach their kids a business. Encourage their young entrepreneurial spirit. Start with something small. Selling lemonade, shoveling walkways in the winter, cutting grass in the summer. The possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to teach them to be responsible, time and money management, as well as empower them and promote confidence. I personally own and run a successful tree trimming and lawn care business. And I have done this with my own children.

Ask you child his or her interest. Their likes. Then research together if there is a need for it in their community. Then help them develop their strategies. Discuss marketing, location, what price to charge. Explain to them profits, investment, budgets, all of that. Have each child write their prospect down as a “business plan.” Properly prepare them to run a successful business. This is something everyone can do together.

Then implement their ideas. If you child loves candy go to a dollar store or wholesale store and buy some candy. If he or she wants to mow grass let them use the mower. Or better yet buy them a used one. Just do something to start it up for them. Explaining that you are making an investment in their business. This will ensue confidence in them. One, you are letting them know that you believe in them enough to give them money to start up with. Even if they don’t fully understand the technical aspect of it they definitely will get the fact that you believe in them and their ideas. Two, you trust their judgment and critical thinking. Three, you are demonstrating your love and support of your child.

Create flyers and signs advertising their services or product. Post these around the neighborhood. Tell your family and friends what he or she is doing. That way the child will have some people to solicit their business. Allow them to make mistakes. Unless they ask for your advice let your child run his or her business how they see fit. Just let know and feel that you are always there to aid if they need it. But do not take over their business.

If their business fail, your child receive a lesson in how to handle failure. That everything may not go as we want it in life. That we have to take it and learn from it. Hopefully in the future we do not repeat the same mistakes. If you fail at something it’s not the end of the world. If it is a success he or she gets to enjoy that feeling of winning. Of setting to do something, working hard, and making it happen. The lessons the will glean will promote a sense of self-confidence and humbleness. That have aid them through adulthood.

You never know where their business may take them. A simple lawn mowing now may grow into a reputable landscaping and tree servicing business later on. As previously mention I encourage each of my kids to create their own business. Now each of them have own their own tree trimming business. They went to school and graduated with degrees in business and arboriculture, botany, and forestry. `