About Dustin

Hey there, my name is Dustin and this is my first time blogging. I’m about to enter my senior year of high school (Almost dooooooooone!) so a lot of what I say is going to be about school, checking out colleges and my summer job I got working at my dad’s tree service.

I’ve helped my dad out before doing cleanups and other chores before, but this summer he hired me in and put me on the payroll doing regular work as a tree trimmer. Its been fun, I have made a little money (when I say a little money I mean a little money my dad is a total cheapskate (JUST KIDDING DAD) and I’m finding out a lot about the working life.

All summer love we will do tree removal, this humongous elm tree that was falling apart and about to hit this lady’s house or maybe take out her garage. We started it in the morning. It was a little tricky because she had a super small yard, like her yard was pretty much the house, her garage and this huge tree so we had to do all of the branches one at a time and guide them down, then you do the trunk in sections.

My dad told me that the tree had dutch elm disease, there’s some kind of bug or insect or something that only attacks elm trees and eats away their bark and they dye. He told me that a lot of cities just went and cut every elm tree down because they were about to die and fall apart anyway but it helps with the spreading of this dutch elm disease.

There’s another thing that’s kind of like it called the ash borer, it’s the same thing except it only eats away at ash trees. Maybe an ash borer is like a beetle that eats the ash trees and I think the dutch elm disease is an actual disease caused by a germ that is carried by a certain kind of bug. I should have paid more attention, LOL

Anyways we managed to get this tree down without destroying this lady’s house or her garage so that was cool. She just has this huge stump in her yard now, I guess she didn’t want to pay for a stump removal or stump grinding or whatever my dad tried to get her to do. She had a bunch of crazy lawn ornaments in her yard so maybe she’s just going to decorate the stump with some of that stuff.

So I will continue to blog about my experience in the tree service business! Stay tuned.