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Difficult days in Oklahoma City


Let me tell you just how much I had to work yesterday to give you a perspective of what its like to be in the day and in the life of guys that cut down trees for a living. Its definitely not easy work and there is a lot of grinding that’s involved with it. Not as smooth sailing as tree doctor work.

Now I don’t know if you notice but trees can get quite massive and to pick up each log sometimes you have to cut the pieces into smaller pieces but each piece can be 50 lbs or more so every time its like doing squats.

Not to mention the straight activity of climbing the trees themselves require lots of manual labor and physical energy. Its one thing to go to the gym and do all the controlled movements that’s required but its another thing all together in the real world when you work for a tree care company and you have to lift in all kinds of different, awkward movements.

Training with Tree Care

I think the UFC fighters should train by working for a tree service company for a week, and then you will get sore in places where you never knew was possible. Places that get sore that you thought was an area in the body with no muscle.

That is the type of muscle soreness you can experience with tree service company no matter, how much you work and train, nothing can prepare the human body for loading several tons worth of tree trunks onto a big semi truck.

My frequency of going to the gym lessened for sure when I started working for tree service because I felt I was getting just as good if not better work out with the job then I was at the gym so its very natural for me to then go skip few gym days because I had 14 hour day at work yesterday cutting down massive pine trees at an impressive rate, we took down 4 big trees in 4 hours.

Let it be known that tree service is a hard job that will give you a full work out. Maybe at first it may haunt you with night mares because your body is not use to the kind of stress and labor that is required from lifting up huge weight of various tree trunks.

But make no mistake about it you will face some crazy huge weight and your body will be forced to cope with it our crumble under the stress, you decide. I mean if you wanna see what hard work is like, come apply: click here

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