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Having Proper Equipment When Tree Climbing


If you are a climbing, it is pertinent that you remain safe. That you equip yourself with the best safety equipment outset there. Falling from sixty feet or more can be fatal. Ensure that equipment you are using is in good shape, are right for your weight and height, and needed for the job you are doing. When it comes to protecting your body and your life, you can never be too cautious and vigilant. Finding a quality climber is sometimes harder than finding a tree doctor.

One excellent equipment that will ensure climbers safe ascend into the great trees is a great saddle. Your saddle or harness should be something you are comfortable in, it should be a great fit on your frame. Always double check that you are using the right size for your body. As well as, the right, style. Before purchasing a harness, try out different styles and fit, personally. Do not choose your saddle or harness based on what you have heard or what someone has told you. We are all different so there is no one size fits all in the wide world of saddles and harnesses.

Now that you have a great fitting harness, you need to have rope. How else will you get up and down that tree? Rope is essential gear for any type of climber. It does not matter if the person climbs trees, walls, mountains, or caves; a strong and reliable rope is a necessity. Always check your rope for signs of wear and tear. If its looks a little frayed and worn out choose to dispose of that rope in place of a new one. Ropes come into different type of colors, material, and weight limits. If you have any questions about what type of rope is best for your climb contact your employer or even the ropes manufacture they should have to specification on the their products.

Safe Equipment and Safe Worker is the Most Important Thing in Tree Service

You will also want to check on the quality of lanyards and carabineers. For those that do not know a lanyard is not just something for carrying your identification cards and keys. In climbing an arborist or tree, climbing can use it to hold their position temporarily or create a second point of attachment for safety. Climbing lanyards come in different colors, material and purposes. We all too often see carabineers as if we see lanyards. As a key ring or backpack accessory. However, for a tree climbing it is a necessary part of the climbing equipment. They are used for fastening rope during a climb. You will want to choose carabineers that meet if not exceed NFPA, OSHA, and ANSI safety standards. The key is to always have an open and learning mind.

Other safety equipment that you will need is a good quality helmet, safety googles or glasses, and gloves. When it comes to your safety and wellbeing do not skimp on it. These pieces of equipment is what is going hold your body suspended high in the treetops. If anything is weak or damage it can cost you your life or at the very least a broken limb. Ensure that every climb is a safe climb always inspect your harness, rope, and all other equipment. Replace whenever you need. It only takes one lapse of judgement, to end a tree climber’s career, possibly his or her life.

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