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Tree Doctor, Is it worth it?


There are many different species and variations of trees. Creating a beautiful and diverse landscape. From maples, elms, to large pine trees and redwoods. There are even trees that bear wonderful fruit that is full of flavor and nutrition. However, with each tree comes a multiple type of infections and disease that can plague it. If left untreated can be the end of one or many trees. A tree common to North America is the maple tree. In fact, I remember my grandparents had a great maple tree in their back yard with a tire swing attached to one of its many strong branches. My cousins and I would spending hours around and in that tree. Like any living thing, it is susceptible to sickness. The tree was attack, by some kind of disease called root rot. It had to be cut down. Had my grandparents knew what signs to look for and how treat it, then that tree would be here for another hundred or so years.

Signs of Tree Disease


Always look for signs of infections in the trees. Some of these signs are yellowing or bowing of foliage, the leaves having spots or deadening in some areas, weak branches, canker, or stunted growth. If any of these are apparent in the maple tree or any tree for that matter, it is sign that some disease has infected it.

Let us discuss what to next after you have seen one or more of these signs in your maple tree. First, start by removing any debris made by the lackluster leaves that is around the tree. Also, get rid of any trimmings from pruning the maple tree. This is important because these items can spread the disease to other trees in the area, causing you an even larger problem.

After removing of limbs and debris from around the maple, it is time to start treating the maple tree with some type of fungicidal or bacterial chemical treatment depending on the symptoms your maple tree is displaying. If unsure, what type of treatment it use call your local tree service company. They should have someone experience with diagnosing different type of diseases and proscribing curing treatment method. Many tree service businesses have a person who specialized in arboriculture like the one in Warner Robins GA. He or she is extremely qualified in tree and shrub care.

Now that you have had your maple, tree treated and it is recovering. You will want to ensure that it does not occur again by doing actions to promote its vitality. Start by watering the tree ever seven to ten days. Making sure to saturate the ground around the maple tree with one and a half to two inches of water. It is always best to water any tree, shrub, or plant that is outside early in the morning before the sunrays come fully out. Along with water ring the maple tree, you have to feed it as well. By adding a fertilizer to the base of it. Sprinkle fertilizer around the base of tree with a one-foot span. Apply the fertilizer before watering. Meaning sprinkle the fertilizer then water it with the one and a half to two inches of water.

Contact your local tree service company: you won’t regret it

As was previously mention do not hesitate to contact your local tree servicing business. They will have to expertise to properly diagnosis, cure, and return your trees back to its healthy self. They can also advice you on how to take care any other trees, shrubs, or plants you may have. With some hope this diseased can be an isolated incident. Remember like with any type of disease there a better chance of recovery if treated in the early stage of infection. If caught early enough any tree is salvageable.

This is the type of observation that helps you gain knowledge in many areas of a business that allows me to have great content to write about.

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