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Take that chance: How to pay attention and learn a new lesson daily


I was walking my dog the other day and I saw this old elm tree being cut down. By some tree service and lawn Care Company and it got me to thinking. Am I cutting down my own potential by not going after my dreams? What would happen if I just stop working at my job and start my own tree service company? Could I make it? What happens when I fail?

I can’t let these negative thoughts over take me. As I stand here watching this tree being cut down and turn into mulch I decided then and there I am no longer waiting for my time to shine. Because the time is now. I don’t want to be cut down. Not by myself or anyone else. I refused to be chopped into mulch and spread around benefitting others while I slowly decay and decompose. This is why I am so big on running your own business.

The next day I went to work and gave my two weeks’ notice. Everyone thought I was crazy. That I must being going through some type of pre mid-life crisis. Or maybe it was a joke or some type of phrase. No one truly believed that I would go through with my resignation. But as I went over my savings to see how long I can go without working before I absolutely must get a job. I figured I should be ok for a year maybe a year and a half if I’m careful about my spending.

After hours of editing and revising my business plan I realize that I am ready. I called a couple of buddies of mind that were out of jobs and asked if they wanted to be part of my crew. Thankfully I already have a lot of the equipment needed. Chainsaws, a few saddles, but I will need to get at least two axes, an extra saddle, and new pruning shears.

Getting Your Name Out There

I went to my local print shop and had some flippers, business cards, and signs made advertising my new lawn care and tree removal business. I also contacted the International Society of Arboriculture. I must get certified as an arborist. After about a week of calling leads, passing out flyers, hanging up the signs, I finally got a hit. The local elementary school is looking a new company to employ to take care of their grounds since the last company recently went bankrupt. Hopefully after I do this it will lead to others contracts.

Before I spent my days in an office. Doing something that paid my bills but it was not what I wanted to do. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of job. In fact many of you reading this probably work in just that type of job. With responsibilities, needs, and wants, a job like that is necessary to survive. I am grateful for the salary I was making but there is only so much time that can pass where a person is denying their true calling before he snaps. Mine time came while walking my dog.

Now I enjoy my new adventure. I spend my days outside in the sun, in nature. Although the work is hard I love every minute of it. Felling trees, lopping, bracing, prunings, everything about tree trimming, I love it! But I often wonder what would have happen if I hadn’t seen that tree being removed. Would I still be working for someone else? I was on the fast track to partnership. I probably would have been made partner by now. Yup, well paid and miserable. I am so grateful I saw that tree service company. I think I will send them a card or a basket of fruit or something.

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