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Create our future business men and women

My passion is to talk about business and becoming an entrepreneur. I have walked the path of being an employee to owning my own business and the life transformation has been incredible. And to share my thoughts on this transition and learning about other local businesses is the purpose of this blog.

I always take inspiration from top thinkers like Elon Musk.

I think everyone should teach their kids a business. Encourage their young entrepreneurial spirit. Start with something small. Selling lemonade, shoveling walkways in the winter, cutting grass in the summer. The possibilities are endless. It’s a great way to teach them to be responsible, time and money management, as well as empower them and promote confidence. I personally own and run a successful tree trimming and lawn care business. And I have done this with my own children.

Ask you child his or her interest. Their likes. Then research together if there is a need for it in their community. Then help them develop their strategies. Discuss marketing, location, what price to charge. Explain to them profits, investment, budgets, all of that. Have each child write their prospect down as a “business plan.” Properly prepare them to run a successful business. This is something everyone can do together.

Then implement their ideas. If you child loves candy go to a dollar store or wholesale store and buy some candy. If he or she wants to mow grass let them use the mower. Or better yet buy them a used one. Just do something to start it up for them. Explaining that you are making an investment in their business. This will ensue confidence in them. One, you are letting them know that you believe in them enough to give them money to start up with. Even if they don’t fully understand the technical aspect of it they definitely will get the fact that you believe in them and their ideas. Two, you trust their judgment and critical thinking. Three, you are demonstrating your love and support of your child.

Create flyers and signs advertising their services or product. Post these around the neighborhood. Tell your family and friends what he or she is doing. That way the child will have some people to solicit their business. Allow them to make mistakes. Unless they ask for your advice let your child run his or her business how they see fit. Just let know and feel that you are always there to aid if they need it. But do not take over their business.

If their business fail, your child receive a lesson in how to handle failure. That everything may not go as we want it in life. That we have to take it and learn from it. Hopefully in the future we do not repeat the same mistakes. If you fail at something it’s not the end of the world. If it is a success he or she gets to enjoy that feeling of winning. Of setting to do something, working hard, and making it happen. The lessons the will glean will promote a sense of self-confidence and humbleness. That have aid them through adulthood.

You never know where their business may take them. A simple lawn mowing now may grow into a reputable landscaping and tree servicing business later on. As previously mention I encourage each of my kids to create their own business. Now each of them have own their own tree trimming business. They went to school and graduated with degrees in business and arboriculture, botany, and forestry. `

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